Sunday, 16 October 2011


Please check the comments box to see all the well-wishes from those who want to throw you down one.

Artwork by Tracey Marie Defrancesco (@traceydefran)


  1. Dear Norm: Happy Birthday. We love you and we are all grateful to you for bringing us together, introducing us to great books and one another. Hope you have a great day and a fantastic year. xoxo@katyradcliffe

  2. Happy birthday Norm! Thanks so much for inspiring me to read good books and to really think about what I'm reading. I really appreciate all that you've shared with this wonderful club you created.

  3. Happy Birthday, Norm! If I could get you a good night's sleep for once, I would. You'll have to settle for a birthday comment! @chrismcdevitt

  4. Hapy burthday norm even tho i dont see whats so grate abowt reeding

  5. They say it's your birthday.....happy birthday to you.

    --Paul McCartney

  6. Happy Birthday Norm! So glad to have found your book club. May the warm koala of happiness travel with you on this the day of your birth, and since they have such fresh breath, stay with you through out the year. Many happy Returns sir. VincentWaller72

  7. Happy Birthday Norm! Thanks for your kindness and for being the funniest guy around! Best wishes to you! God bless you. @OnionRollJones

  8. Happy Birthday Norm! You have created place that is quite worth every minute of my three score and ten I choose to spend here. We have broached many difficult and contentious subjects and always with civility. Thanks for that, and the other, you know, like word stuffleses and thingses. (Can't believe I misplaced that stupid OED...ah, well.)

    Happy Birthday from @SlackerSteve!

    P.S. Herman says "No Soap Radio!"

  9. Happy Birthday Norm!! And thanks for sharing so much of yourself with "the club".


  10. Norm, I wish you a very happy Birthday! My life is better because of Norm's Book Club. Sincerely may God bless you. @krystalball0

  11. Hey Norm! You're awesome. We're just nuts about you. Love, Shannon @goatsncrows

  12. Happy Birthday Norm! Thanks for the book club. @jsammerman

  13. Happy Birthday, Norm! You're an inspiration. Thanks for your generosity with your time and spirit. Now, go set some sleep!
    Love you,

  14. Happy birthday! @applesaucemcgee

  15. Happy Birthday, Norm! Thank you for creating such a wonderful environment to discuss literature and life. I appreciate the way you've challenged my intellect and world view. Thank you for giving so much of yourself to so many people. What you've done with the book club is brilliant. Cheers! -Rebecca @puccinigirlnyc

  16. Happy Birthday, Norm! You're the best! It's because of you that I've started reading again. And not just my "junk food", but classics, too!
    Thanks for beings so kind and generous with your time and for being such an inspiration. Enjoy your big day!


    Traci (@TKSpeedy)

  17. Happy Birthday Norm! I always wanted to belong to a secret club. @nextmalawi

  18. Norm, you're a pretty great guy for a Canadian. Get well soon! @Old_Strings

  19. Happy birthday, Norm! Thanks for your book club!

  20. Happy Birthday Sir Norm! You have made Twitter worth it.

  21. Happy Birthday, Norm. Not sure I'm in the right place, but the light was on.

    Thanks for the bits of yourself you generously share.


  22. I looked Norm up in my OED today. It said: "literary scholar, charming, and a comic genius.". Man that OED gets it right every time!
    Happy Birthday. -Holly

  23. Happy Birthday Norm!
    Thanks for starting the book club and encouraging me to look up from my work once in awhile and remember to be smart:)

    Karla (@songofcharis)

  24. Happy Birthday, Norm!
    Thank you so much for starting the book club. I've made some incredible friends(including you) along the way & participated in the most fascinating conversations. You've raised Twitter to a whole new level. Have a great day & get some sleep! We love you.

    Andrea (@APearce41)

  25. Happy early birthday, Norm!

    Thank you for your time, insight, and the many hours of interesting discussions. And thanks for creating this forum where I've met so many funny and thoughtful people. It's the best use of Twitter I've yet seen.


  26. I've been a huge fan since I saw you on Weekend Update when I was too young to be watching. You're the best!

  27. Happy birthday Norm. I've been a fan for a long time. Thanks for all the years of entertainment, and thanks for making twitter interesting. Hope you have many more.


  28. Happy Birthday Norm! We're both Libras (whatever that means). Even those of us that just follow and don't chime in are actually experiencing quite a bit. I feel like I'm getting more smarter every day! Lisa @somedevil888

  29. Happy Birthday Norm,
    Hope you like crap!

    Alan (@PikesvilleAl)

  30. Happy birthday Norm. Get some rest, and as a birthday gift to yourself write some more.

    David (@dlinke01)

  31. Happy Birthday Norm. From humble, Canadian, pig farming origins came a twitter literary giant! I really appreciate your time and effort. Thanks. From @Shannon_R_Terry

  32. Michelle Hovanetz17 October 2011 at 01:32

    Happy Birthday, Norm. I'm so grateful for being a part of this amazing group you've created. You, along with so many of your incredibly intelligent posters, have taught me volumes, and you as a person have cheered me up without fail for a couple of decades. I hope this birthday is as amazing as you are. You deserve it! And in the off chance you remember when I went to see the Sports Show pilot taping, I'm still waiting for our putt-off. Mini-golf's on me. Consider it a birthday gift.

    Michelle @missmichelleho

  33. Sweet Jesus, I had to figure out how to use Twitter and now this stuff?

    You better be having the best birthday--ever. Easy on the poutine though; I'm pretty sure the gravy is flammable.

    -Jane Doe

  34. Oh, and Norm...with all of this anonymous birthday wishes, it's like a birthday card on a gloryhole wall.

    I guess that's better than a cake from one.
    -Jane Doe (again)

  35. Happy Birthday, Norm! What a gift you've given the twitterati with your book club and its prolific musings. I've been a big fan of your humor for a long time now, and to see the literary, analytical side that you manifest through the Club is a hugely rewarding treat. Thanks for the time you put into it. Here's hoping you have a fantastic birthday, and a kick-butt year ahead.

    Pat McDougall (@mousetrap)

  36. Merry Christmas Norm!

  37. Norm, It may've been a simple act for you, but I'll never forget you hooking me up with those tickets and taking the time out to hang out a bit. The absolute coolest. I hope you have a fun and restful birthday (if those two things can coexist).

    -Daniel (@Daniel_M_Wilkes)

  38. Norm,

    Thanks for your willingness to share your thoughts and knowledge. The world is a better place because you are here. Happy Birthday!!


  39. thank you, norm, for taking the time to reach out to so many. i'm so glad to have found your book club and you :) have the happiest birthday ever!

  40. By the of my favorite snl skits was norm as a contestant on the Religious Quiz Show......"Praise the God"

  41. How did I have fun when I was young 

    The morning starts with a good breakfast

    Each day

    The sun climbing over the black walnut trees

    This way

    The shadows pull back from the pond

    So quick

    The birds gather round the plants

    Real thick

    The dear move to the meadow

    Down below

    As the fox tracts the  squirrel 

    With mate in tow

    The geese try to land from

    Up high

    As the clouds in the sky

    Race by

    The neighbors dog yelps

    From being stung

    How did I have fun when 

    I was young 

  42. This club has been a gift to all of us, and I hope to you as well. Thank you. Now go eat cake.

    Bonne anniversaire, mon ami. @Jill_Stanley

  43. Hey handsome,
    Congratulations on yet another successful trip around the sun! May you have many many more!! xoxo
    Much love & respect,
    Serah Engles (aka: Serah516)

  44. What really counts more the birth or the conception? Happy delivery day for however many scores and whatever it may be.

    Not sure if you know the good influence the club has, but it do have, quite a bit!

    Rick LaBanca (@slartibartphast)

  45. Happy birthday, Norm. I've been a fan for a very long time.

  46. Hi Norm,

    Happy Birthday! Thanks for showing me new things! The book club is neato.


    - Charmaine

  47. Happy Birthday. Your fight with the Baldwin was one of the best/strangest things to ever happen on twitter. Many thanks. @SLenzen

  48. Happy birthday Norm, and thanks for the bookclub - a strange and lovely group of people you've brought together

  49. Hi Norm... Happy birthday!

    The time you give to interact with all of these interesting people is pretty amazing.

    I hope you have a wonderful day!


  50. The last three books I read before NormsBookClub were by Chelsea Handler, Vonnegut and Chelsea Handler again. Do you see what you've done?

    Here's to Norm MacDonald on his special day, Cheers!

    Since I'm not limited to 140 characters, I'll say it again, "Happy Birthday Norm!"

  51. Jenny (@SilentStarlight)17 October 2011 at 08:46

    Happy Birthday Norm! I hope you have a nice day and a sleep filled night. <3 <3 <3

    Thanks for starting a fun Twitter book club.

    Every once in a while I think of Chairman of the BORED, and laugh. Thanks for all the fun.

  52. Happy Birthday, Normmy...Katy said it best(as usual) thanks for your time and for the Bookclub,it's a blast to share ideas with such great people. I've met some new friends ...Thanks again, Norm
    @rahdoo (Gary)


  54. Happy Birthday.

    (to you)

  55. Happy Birthday, Norm! Thanks for starting such a cool club. It makes me so happy...and literate! haha Hope you have a wonderful day and year :)

    Karen (@IntoTheClouds11)

  56. Best Wishes Norm! Heres something for you from the Grot Shop made with fridge magnets:

    As the muses' summer song softly wanes
    And shadows wax north from a low'ring sun;
    The ripe hubris of fall's hope time profanes
    With aspect's debris to reflect upon.
    Resolve with grace the shorter days ahead
    And mourn the short teeth you can't remember;
    Of pillow's remits to punch your ghost's stead
    Beyond equinox's cold Sept-ember.
    "I've died a thousand times, so it's easy."
    "If you've seen one sunset you've seen 'em all."
    Meaning of Life: "be...alive;" -O.E.D.
    "Cheat Life?!--Die on the vine before you fall!"
    Not fallow for ever cursing the dun;
    But follow because the light's always on.


  57. Happy Birthday you old chunk of coal.

  58. Happy belated birthday Norm. Not sure if this is a good thing or kind of sad but my life has vastly improved since the beginning of the book club. Thanks again Norm.
    - @tomhan

  59. Happy belated birthday from Detroit Norm! I understand you were born somewhere across the river. My brother-in-law is Canadian, so I speak the language, eh? Let me know if you ever feel like speaking Canadian for old times' sake you hoser.

    Best Wishes, -Jim

    P.S. The club is great!

  60. Happy birthday to a man with the grace of a swan, the wisdom of an owl, and the eyes of an eagle. We love you Norm!

  61. Happy Birthday Norm! I hope all of your wildest dreams come true. Your comedy has been a big influence on my comedy and for that, i thank you.

  62. Happy Birthday Norm. With this club you've reawakened an interest in literature and reinvented twitter while you're at it. Hope you have a great year.


  63. Happy Birthday Norm - you've resurrected by ambitions to be learned. Loving Faulkner.

  64. Happy Birthday Norm, to one of the most thoughtful and intelligent men in the public eye. You're a good man Norm and I wish there were more like you.

    Best wishes,

  65. Jacob - Mighty Hubris21 October 2011 at 18:30

    happy belated birthday Norm

    enjoyed your comedy for a long time

    and now i appreciate your openness on twitter